FAQs – addzme Users

When will addzme be available in my area?

As of June 2023 addzme Loyalty will be available in all states and territories of Australia. We will be launching in New Zealand, the UK, Singapore and the USA in the following months.

Do you send my data to anywhere once I’ve signed up?

We only share your basic contact details with brands that you have scanned your addzme card in store. These stores / brands can only see your history with their individual brand. They cannot see your shopping history anywhere else, or edit your contact details. Besides the afore mentioned stores / brands, we do not share your details with any third party companies. More information is available in the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

I think addzme would be a great fit for my local store, how do I get them onboard?

Thanks for thinking of us! We’d love to get them on board, to help us out simply fill out the contact form and we’ll get in touch with them, don’t forget to let them know about us too!

Why do I have to enter and verify my mobile number to join certain loyalty programs?

Some brands use sms and mobile number as a verification method to keep your account secure. So in order for us to sign you up to these brands we need to ensure your mobile number is verified. Entering and verifying your mobile is optional but you will not be able to automatically join certain brands’ loyalty programs if you don’t complete this step. The good news is that you only have to verify your mobile once in the addzme app.

Do I have to enter my birthday into addzme?

Entering your birthday is completely optional. Certain loyalty programs do provide vouchers, discounts, bonuses or other rewards on or around your birthday each year which you will not receive if you haven’t entered your birthday.

FAQs – Store owners

How do I activate addzme for my store?

You have 2 ways to take part in addzme as a store owner:

1.download and signup for the addzme Scanner App, available on the iOS App Store, which allows you to have a standard loyalty system, running independently from your current point of sale. As a special introductory offer the addzme Scanner App will be free for your first month of use. This means you can set up and tryout your loyalty system for 1 month for free!


2. addzme loyalty is provided for free to all customers of addzme Point of Sale software for iPad, as well as customer’s of Shift8‘s point of sale systems. Want to know more about addzme POS? Head over to the point of sale page and check out the software. You don’t need the addzme scanner software if you choose addzme point of sale as you can use either the iPad’s camera or a bluetooth scanner (connected to the iPad) to scan your customers’ loyalty apps.

There is also a 30 day free trial of addzme Point of Sale available on the Apple App Store.

What type of store is best suited for addzme?

addzme is compatible with any store or brand that is looking to roll out a loyalty system without the cost of developing their own app or printing plastics cards.

This can be food, service or retail industries, if loyalty works for you then so will addzme.

Is it possible to create complex vouchers and loyalty rules with addzme?

Yes, however keep in mind that you will be able to offer a much more complex loyalty offering by using a compatible pos, although the regular addzme Scanner provides all the functionality you’ll need to get up and running.

The addzme Point of Sale system provides full connectivity to addzme Loyalty plus much, much more and is very competitively priced.

We’re an established brand looking into a loyalty solution without changing POS, can we use addzme?

Yes, you have a choice of two ways to use addzme loyalty:

  1. Run addzme as a standalone system using the addzme Scanner app in your stores. Please contact us if you would like to explore this path as we’ll need to ensure your system is configured correctly to run multiple stores on the same loyalty system.
  2. Integrate your existing POS using our API – see the FAQ for Point of Sale Providers below.

FAQS – Point of Sale Providers

Is there an api available for integration?

Yes, however you’ll need to contact us to receive access. We will review your point of sale provider and, if approved, they will receive access to the api and sandbox environment for integration.